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Why you should marry your college band sweetheart...

Blue Line Media ImageIt's homecoming season which means one thing...

Once again you will be surrounded by the cutest damn couples in the entire world.

They aren't at Beyonce and Jay-Z level cute, but they are damn near close. We're talking about the college band couple. The couple that met marching 8 to 5 on a sweat and dust filled field many years ago. The couple that wouldn't talk to each other for 2 years due to the social ramifications if a baritone were to ever want to sit on the trumpet bus. The couple that years after graduating reunited at homecoming and realized the person they were meant to be with was right there in front of them the whole time.

They are the cutest couples in the world and by god we are going to celebrate them whether they like it or not.

Does that mean that every band couple is successful? Of course not, but today we want to tell you why marrying your college band sweetheart could be the best decision you ever make in your life.

Let's start with the basics.

College is a transformational time in a young person's life.
We enter as innocent (who are we kidding) freshmen with a base of knowledge and experiences that our parents, friends, family and schooling helped build for us. We realize that now for the first time in our lives we are free. Free to make decisions that could have an incredibly positive or negative effect on our lives. It is here in college that we grow and really figure out who we are and what we may want to do for the rest of our lives. We make new friends and have new experiences. If we're smart we join the college marching band because no other organization on campus promises a better college experience.

It is here in the college band that we have the ability to build life-long friendships and experience college with a group of people with like minded interests, personalities and values. It is here that we may meet the love of our lives.

Fast forward a few years and you might find yourself in a relationship with a fellow member of the band. You hang out before and after practice and every other moment in-between. Even at practice you do as much as you can to wave, high five, butt bump or blink at each other from across the field. During sectionals you might even sneak a quick kiss in passing and at water breaks everyone knows your bottles will be right next to each other.

The cuteness is disgusting, but god we all love you two.

College is coming to a close and big decisions are being made. Will you two stay together? Will you do long distance? How will you make it work?

Your lives are intertwined like the strands of a braid. For god's sake, your names have merged together into one and the freshmen rookies actually don't know your real names. You decide you will make it work and now the thoughts of marriage become very real.

Marriage is serious and you may have some doubts, but here is why that college band sweetheart is the right one for you...

1) Outside of band and after college your stories and jokes aren't funny to everyone. They don't "get it". Your sweetheart was there. They do get it and guess what, they think it's still hilarious. Those moments of reminiscing will always be fun and you will laugh together about how stupid you were when you were 20 as you grow older.

2) Your friends are your friends. They aren't his friends or her friends. The band family is a close knit group and your friendships will last forever. It is wonderful to be able to continue to build those relationships out further with someone who knows your friends as well as you do or even better than you do.

3) Your kids will have the best story ever to tell their friends about how their parents met. In today's world of tinder and online dating, meeting someone the "old fashioned way" is rare. Imagine what dating will be like in 2040 when your kids are in college. The thought of meeting someone to date probably will involve robots interviewing other robots on their behalf. You'll be special.

4) There will never be a doubt as to what you're doing on a Saturday. Saturday will be for watching your college team together, hoping that ESPN shows 3 seconds of the band and analyzing how the band sounds in-between plays. You'll do this together and it will never get old.

5) At your wedding your friends will line up and play the fight songs as you are introduced for the first time as Mr and Mrs. You will watch the video of it 3,874 times.

Or maybe you'll even join in on the fun like this amazing band couple:

6) Homecoming is even more special. No matter where you are in the world, that homecoming trip will give you both butterflies. It will be a chance for you to re-live those first moments of knowing each other and participating in the activity that brought you two together. You get to see your spouse in their happy place and you won't be seeing it form the stands, you'll be right there next to them.

7) You'll have the ability to brain wash your children into becoming college band members better than any other family on your street. Who says you can't make them watch pregame every night before bed?

8) Your house will be decorated with items reflecting your school spirit and you'll never fight about it because your band sweetheart wants that picture of the "Block S" on the wall just as much as you do. Trust us, this is a huge deal.

9) As you get older and realize that marching at homecoming is no longer an option and traveling to see the band perform at a game becomes too difficult for you, you'll still have each other to talk to at night about the fun you had and the memories you shared many years ago. You'll still find those same silly stories and dumb jokes funny and when you cry when you hear the Alma Mater you'll turn to see your sweetheart of 60 years crying right along with you.

10) You'll never find another person in your life who will understand you better.

They are your soul mate. Now go make them yours forever.