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Watch: UTSA Tuba destroyed during game

Blue Line Media ImageDuring the University of Texas San Antonio game against UAB (University of Alabama Birmingham) last weekend a tuba sitting quietly on the sidelines lost it's life when a UTSA player collided with it.

The tuba sustained devastating injuries and was immediately taken to a local repair shop where it was declared dead on arrival. The Spirit of San Antonio is still grieving. has obtained footage of the incident and we must warn you parents, the following footage is very graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

That poor poor soul. He still had so much to give to this world.

The band held a funeral for the tuba at midfield after the game:

And a memorial service this past Monday:

Our team will be heading down to UTSA this Saturday to pay our respects to fallen tuba. The band has asked that in lieu of flowers you send valve oil if you feel so compelled to honor the tuba's life.

Sleep well old friend. Sleep well.