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Wait is that the Mt. St Mary's Pep Band?

So you're at the Mount Saint Mary's basketball game last night vs Robert Morris University. While you're sitting there you hear this ridiculous pep band rocking out in the corner. They're wearing "Mount" attire and cheering for the home team. Naturally you think, wow the "Mount" band is AWESOME. Like these guys did:


That was not Mount's band. That was in fact the VCU Athletic Band! No joke!

Last night, the VCU Athletic Band was called in to help bring some energy to the Mount's gym. It worked! Mount crushed Robert Morris. Mount head coach, Jamion Christian, was a VCU coach under Shaka Smart. He knows what kind of fire the VCU Band brings to games.

Even the players were appreciative of them coming and celebrated their big win with the visiting band.

Just all around AWESOME! Great job VCU!


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