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Wait, is that a harp in a pep band!?!

Now that marching band season is officially over for university bands we are able to turn our attention over to the less sweaty and climate controlled delights of basketball pep-band season.

There are a few bands that convert their on field magic to the hard wood rather easily while other bands take pep-band a little less seriously. Then there are the schools where basketball is EVERYTHING.

Enter the George Mason Green Machine led by Dr. Michael Nickens aka Doc Nix. He is...(let's put this in the easiest terms possible)...the man. Doc Nix knows no boundaries when it comes to the Green Machine and has done an amazing job making the band one of the premier pep-bands in the country. He is also known for thinking a little bit outside of the box while being all inclusive. So inclusive in fact that the band features an electric harp! Yes. You read that right. A harp.

At first we didn't believe it. It was almost a tall tale, like Paul Bunyan. Then video surfaced yesterday:

Great work Doc Nix on making pep-band fun for any student who wishes to join it. Super cool.