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UW Husky Band THANKS WSU Cougar Band

Blue Line Media ImageIt was a crazy few days for the University of Washington Husky Band last year leading to the Apple Cup game against Washington State. On their way to Pullman, WA for the annual football game, a bus carrying the saxophone and baritone sections flipped on it's side after the bus hit icy conditions on the road.

After more than 40 members of the band were taken to area hospitals, the band made the decision to not continue to Pullman and stay together at their hotel to watch the game as a family.

With them not continuing on to Pullman the Washington State Cougar Marching Band stepped up and promised to honor the band by playing their fight song for the UW team and fans during pregame. The WSU athletics office also agreed to not sell the band's seats to honor them as well.

This year the University of Washington hosted the game and the Husky Band was able to return the favor.

During their pregame show the band spelled THANKS on the field for all that the Washington State Cougar Band did for them that weekend as well as the WSU community.
They also played the WSU fight song just as WSU did for them last year. 

These two band programs are pure class and we salute them both on another remarkable year on and off the field.