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UCONN gets spooky in Halloween halftime show

Blue Line Media ImageThe UCONN Marching Band got into the Halloween spirit this past weekend and rocked some of the great Halloween themed songs at halftime.

One of the things we love about the Husky Band is how sharp they are in their formations. There is real care and concern for the drill which we really appreciate. Plus their media team does a great job with multi camera looks. When you watch the show they will show you field level, press box and individual performers like the feature twirler. Overall it's an extremely well run operation.

As you can see in the video there aren't a huge number of fans in the stands as the football program hasn't held up their end of the bargain over the past few years. That means that the Marching Huskies are truly the main attraction. 

Watch and enjoy this great Halloween halftime show.

Great job UCONN Marching Band!