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UCF Coach Shows Great Support for Band

Blue Line Media ImageWe've seen many college football coaches come to band practice during band camp or the season and show their support for the band program. We've even seen some of them jump on the ladder and conduct a fight song or two.

However, this is a first for us that we know of. At the University of Central Florida the head football coach is a young up and coming coach named Scott Frost. Frost is known for his offensive trickery and toughness having been the offensive coordinator at Oregon before taking over at UCF.

What we didn't know was that Frost himself is one of us! He marched trumpet in his high school marching band and also was the starting quarterback! Yes, he marched at halftime of his own games.

How cool is that!?!

Watch him greet the UCF band at their practice and show some amazing support for them after telling his story of being a band member himself.