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TwirlerTuesday Spotlight

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We are headed to Wayne State University to feature Alexandra Ridley in this weeks #TwirlerTuesday Spotlight.

Alexandra is a senior majoring in History. Read the fun things that she has to say about life as a feature twirler

CMB: Tell us why you wanted to twirl in college:
AR: I wanted to enjoy my passion for twirling a little bit longer.

CMB: What is your twirling background?
AR: I have been twirling since I was eight, but competed from 10 to 21.

CMB: How do you prep for gameday?
AR: Practice my hard tricks and mentally review each routine.

CMB: What advice do you have for younger twirlers considering if they want to twirl in college?
AR: Time management is very important. You are a student first and a twirler second. But if you can valence it all, it will be the best experience you can have while in college.

CMB: What is your favorite crowd-pleasing trick?
AR: Ankle bounce.
It never gets old to see the crowd amazed by that trick.

CMB: One time at band camp...
AR: My section and I made a pretend campfire with our batons and our director didn't know how to respond.

CMB: What is your favorite memory so far?
AR: Twirling fire on the field for the first time. The whole audience went silent.

CMB: Anything else that you want to share with fans of CollegeMarching?
AR: Even as a twirler and not a musician, I gained so many friends by interacting with the band as much as possible. Through this, I have made job connections and have gotten some great school advice. Most of all, I gained the best support team that held me up at my worst point.