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Twirler Tuesday Spotlight - Savannah Miller, University of Arkansas

WOO PIG SOOIE! Its Twirler Tuesday! Today we want to introduce to you Savannah Miller from the University of Arkansas Razorback Marching Band! Savannah is a freshman studying marketing and has quite the list of accomplishments in her twirling career.
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Blue Line Media ImageWhat made you want to twirl in college?

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to perform at a big university. It has always been my dream to lead a D1 College marching band down the field.

What is your twirling background?

I started twirling at the age of 3 with Heidi Jacobson in Kansas City, MO. Heidi really taught me the basics of baton twirling and without her I wouldn't be here today. Later on I took from a variety of coaches and currently, my coaches are Kathy Harris from Pennsylvania, Dale White from Ohio and Mark Nash from California.
I have traveled to 8 World Championships coming home with multiple gold and silver medals. I am the 2015 Senior World Baton Solo, 2-Baton and Rhythmic Champion, 2015 Team USA Captain, 2015 Senior Grand National Twirling Champion and the 2015 National Collegiate Twirling Champion.

How do you prep for a game?

In addition to 2-3 hour practices everyday, I also workout everyday, whether it be by taking a workout class or conditioning.

What advice do you have for younger twirlers who may want to twirl in college?

Never give up on your dreams because anything is possible if you believe in yourself enough to make them happen. Always remember to stay humble and work hard.

What is your favorite trick to do on the field?

My favorite trick would be either elbow pops or four baton because the crowd just goes crazy over these two things.

Blue Line Media ImageFinish this sentence, One time at band camp...

One time at band camp I fell face first walking to pick up my baton.

What is your favorite memory so far?

The University of Arkansas Razorback Marching Band has the tradition of "training" onto the field before pre-game starts. I will never forget the first home game and taking the field for the first time. Getting to lead the band onto the field was exhilarating.