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Tuba run a new fan favorite

Blue Line Media ImageWell we've seen all types of ways for bands to participate in timeouts. Typically a band would play a stands tune or maybe the drums throw down for a few minutes. Sometimes the bands will do something funny on the field like a dance with the cheerleaders or they'll launch t shirts into the stands, but I can honestly say I have never seen this!

Last night at the Toledo vs Bowling Green game the tuba sections of both bands came onto the field and raced each other in a baton style race, except instead of handing off a baton they transferred a sousaphone. 

My heart stopped a few times watching this. 

It reminds us of the Cincinnati band pregame entrance where they run down the steps and onto the field. My god is that frightening. A few members have fallen in years past.

Here's a clip of the race from last night:

Congrats to the Toledo band for winning the race. That was both amazing and terrifying at the same time.