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True Love - Band Couple Starts Wedding with Halftime Show

At Minnesota State University, Mankato two members of the Maverick Machine got engaged and began to think about how they could make their wedding a little special. Jeremy Frederichs and Alison Briggs, who met in their high school band, worked with Michael Thursby, Director of the Maverick machine, to build something we had never seen before in a halftime show.

With a game on their wedding day, the couple decided that they would use the halftime show as their "first look". Thursby designed the show so that Alison would walk down between the band on the 50-yard-line while Jeremy played on the snare line. The band played a medley of popular wedding songs during the show. Alison walked down a band aisle and came up behind Jeremy so they could share their first look with the band and crowd. The couple then ran off the field to literally go get married!

At the reception the drum line and band were part of their introduction welcoming them as a married couple for the first time! What a day!

The Maverick Machine also dedicated the show to the love of Toni and Tim Diem from the University of Minnesota Marching Band.
Toni Diem recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. Tim is the Director of the UM Marching Band. They puled out a large #TeamDiem sign in the middle of their show to show their support for their neighbor band.

Watch Jeremy and Alison share their first look: