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Tonal Innovation Launches Scholarship for Band Entreprenuers

Blue Line Media ImageTonal Innovation, the creators of the eFlip, which took the band world by storm a few years ago, are giving back and looking to support the next generation of band entrepreneurs through the creation of the Future Innovators Scholar Program.

"Having come from a household where money wasn't always the easiest to come by, both Daniel Wendt and I have always wanted to give back to the music community that has helped us both in shaping not our career paths, but our lives," said Garrett Kessling, CEO and Founder of Tonal Innovation. 

Tonal Innovation is now in a position where they can do just that!

Students can apply by visiting the Tonal Innovation website and submitting their application.
All of the Eligibility requirements are listed there. 

"We are looking for students who have been inspired by their peers and teachers in the music industry and are now looking to further their education and become the next generation of innovators in whatever field they are looking to go into," said Kessling.

The Tonal Innovation story is one of hard work, innovation and support along the way. While members of the Golden Band from Tiger Land at LSU, Kessling and Wendt wondered why the band didn't use cell phones and tablets as flip folders both in the band room and on the field. They realized that the phones could easily be turned into an electronic flip folder, but they needed something to support it. 

Blue Line Media Image"I got the idea while sitting in a music rehearsal at LSU. We were trying to read a tiny piece of sheet music with a lot of runs and someone sarcastically suggested zooming, like the way you do on tablets and phones, and it just clicked," said Kessling.

"So I set out to create a way to do exactly that."

After entering into an incubator at LSU the pair of Wendt and Kessling continued to innovate their eFlip prototypes with the help of professors and pitch at competitions to try and raise more money. 

"When starting Tonal Innovation, we had a tremendous amount of support from our friends, families, directors, and colleagues and have always been extremely grateful," Kessling explained. "Now, fast forward to present day, Tonal Innovation is celebrating 5 years of sales, and are now in a position to give back to the community that has helped us become who we are. By starting The Future Innovators Scholar program, we are hoping that we can help the next generation of future innovators Do More."

The scholarship will grant two $1000 awards to two winning teams/individuals and Tonal Innovation hopes to grow the award as their sales continue to grow. It is open to high school seniors and college students.

Apply HERE!