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These Utah & K-State Videos Will Make You Miss Band

Blue Line Media ImageThe Marching Utes took the field Friday night while the K-State Pride of Wildcat Land took the field Saturday at home for two big games in week 4. Both bands are full of incredibly talented members who can blow you away with their musicianship, but more importantly they know how to get each other fired up for game day!

Here are two behind the scenes looks at how these two great college bands get hyped before they take the field. We are missing band HARD right now after watching these. These were the moments that you remember for a long time and as an alum they are th emoments you try to recreate when you come back for homecoming.

If these don't give you chills then you may need to go get checked out. Just awesome

Watch the Kansas State Pride of Wildcat Land circle up in their brass and blow the rest of the band away in a great breathing and buzzing exercise used in the drum corps world. The power at the end if just awesome. Damn these cats can play!

Here is Utah in their tunnel before pregame of the USC game.

There is no denying that college bands love what they do!