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The College Marching Pumpkin Competition

Blue Line Media ImageWith Halloween only days away and grocery stores filled to the brim in pumpkins ready to be carved, we would like to invite you to compete in this year's College Marching Pumpkin Competition!

Here's what you need know to enter.

1) Buy a pumpkin
2) Design/carve/paint a college band inspired pumpkin/jack-o-lantern
3) Take a picture (or multiple pictures)
4) Email them to (tell us what you created, include your name, your favorite college band, your hometown and any other relevant band info you'd like for us to include about you)
5) Place pumpkin outside your front door to help spread the word

Do that all by Sunday October 30th and you will be entered into the College Marching Pumpkin Contest. Then on Halloween, October 31st, we will publish all of the pictures we receive and let our fans pick their top 3 favorite pumpkins.
Those 3 winners will be able to pick out any shirt from our store for FREE! Shop the store HERE!

So get those pumpkins painted and carved! Be creative! Be funny! Make them band-nerdy! Whatever you want.

Share this with everyone IN THE WORLD that you know that loves marching band and Halloween!