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That First Game Feeling - College Twirlers Style

Blue Line Media ImageThe beginning of college football season always takes us back - by “us” we mean fellow college twirlers who did that whole “graduate and move on” thing. #adultingishard

Reminiscing brings back the amazing times that we had twirling for our school: doing what we loved alongside some of the best people that we ever met.  

But let us tell you… there is NOTHING like that first game feeling. Whether it is your first game as a rookie or your last-first game as a senior, stepping onto that field after many months of waiting and a long and hard band camp, is a feeling like no other.

The crowd cheering.
The baton in your hand.
Sweat (Hello, 90 degree weather to kick off football season).
The beat of the drums echoing in your heart.

Our team may be made up of has beens - but when we close our eyes and think back to what it felt to step onto the fields of our alma mater - all of those feelings, that rush, come back.

Our advice to you current College Twirlers as you kick off this football season? Soak every second in. Let your parents take pictures when they ask. Look around as you stand on the field and engrain that view in your head. Memorize the feeling because one day… you will be reminiscing, just like us. Laugh along side the band members you march with. Remember how hard you worked to get to where you are. You deserve it! Trust us - you will blink and it will be over faster than the time it takes to catch a double illusion.

Good luck this season college twirlers! We at College Marching will be cheering you on all season, sharing the performances, triumphs and stories along the way. As always, feel free to send pictures, videos and guest blogs to