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Texas State's Super Halftime Show

Blue Line Media ImageA few years ago we were able to visit the Texas State Bobcat Marching Band in San Marcos, TX. They were somewhat of an under the radar band in Texas as Texas State football was just starting to transition to Division I FBS football play.

Since then the band has continued to grow and has gotten better and better every year. Under the direction of Dr. Kyle Glaser, this band could soon become one of the biggest in Texas and one of the best. His energy at practices is contagious and no member walks away feeling unappreciated. We love his line about how the fans will need to bring two pairs of socks to the game because they are going to blow one pair off of them.

And blow them away they have.

Watch as the Bobcat Marching Band showcases their big sound with a halftime show dedicated to superhero themes songs.

Great work BMB! Can't wait to see what the future holds for this band program.