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Texas AM University Commerce Stuns BOA Crowd

Blue Line Media ImageHeavy metal mixed with marching band?
Screaming trumpets?
Incredible drill?
Music from the film 300?

Yes to them all! 

The Texas A&M University Commerce Pride Band did the impossible at the Grand Nationals Championships at Bands of America this weekend, they literally left the crowd stunned. That doesn't happen much in Indy but as the Pride Band exited the field fans couldn't believe what had just happened. They were speechless. 

Their minds had just been blown.

Heavy Metal and marching band isn't one that many people mix together, then throw in some epic movie music with some insane screaming trumpets and voila you have yourself a stunned BOA crowd.

Don't believe us? Well then you'll have to see it to believe it.

Update: The video was taken down so here is another recording from their senior night show.

Another unbelievable performance from TAMU Commerce has us thinking about their place in our favorite college band ranks. Let's just say they are skyrocketing up the chart.

Can't wait to see what they do next year. We might have to get down there to see what they put in their water and get some ourselves. 

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