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Texas Aggie Band Performs Insane 4 Way Cross Drill

Blue Line Media ImageThe Texas A&M Aggie Band is known for their traditional military style marching technique. They are the best at what they do and boy is it good.

Last week the band debuted their 4-way cross drill in their halftime show that is a mind-blowing drill when you think about it. The execution has to be perfect or the whole thing comes crashing down. Literally if one band member makes one mistake there could be a ton of injuries.

If you fast forward to the 5:20 mark in the video you can see the band begin the 4-way cross drill. 

At the end of the show they invite the corps of cadets to join them on the field to make a giant T. They do this each year and it's a great way for the cadets to join the band and be recognized on the field at a home game. 

Great job Texas A&M!

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That is insane stuff.