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Southern University Shows Off Marching Skills in Halftime Show

Blue Line Media ImageThe Southern University Human Jukebox started off the season with a monster halftime show that showed off not only their technical marching ability, but also their high energy and big sound.

They may have the best trumpet section in the country and let us not look past the dancing ability of this band. Their drill is very similar to what you see at Tennessee or many of the Texas schools, which is a more traditional military show style of marching. You probably wouldn't expect that. Crisp diagonals and straight lines is the name of the game here.

Are they the full package? This may be the year that Southern decides to take a big step away from the rest of the college band pack and enter into the conversation for best band in America. We're looking forward to seeing what else they do this year and maybe it will take a visit in person to really see just how big of a step they can take.

Until then take a watch of their show:

That drum major dance break is FIRE and those trumpet runs in the feature? Dirty!!!