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SMU Band Members Kneel During National Anthem

Five African-American members of the SMU Marching Band knelt down last night during the National Anthem before their game against TCU. The members continued to play the anthem carrying their protest across the country.

Many members of the SMU student section joined with them in the protest with some holding up a fist and wearing t-shirts to protest the continued violence against African-Americans by police officers.

SMU had chosen this game as a day to honor Dallas police officers which made the protest even more pronounced to fans in the stadium and those watching at home.

This type of protest was started by NFL QB Colin Kaepernick and has been carried on by athletes in multiple sports.

Last week the Howard University cheer squad joined in as well.

While many bands have a strict code of conduct it is possible that this type of peaceful protest will continue to find it's way into the playing of the national anthem by bands before football games as the season progresses.

The SMU Mustang Band has not made any comments to the media about the protest.