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SEC Alternate Football Jerseys Based On Band Uniform

Coming to a field near you?

Today we are unveiling part 4 of our 5 part series showcasing alternate college football jersey designs inspired by the marching band uniforms from the Power 5 conferences schools.

As bands continue to grow in size and popularity, thanks to social media, fans and players themselves are becoming closer with their band more than ever before. The band truly is the team's best friend whether the team realizes this or not. They bust their butts to perform at pregame and halftime each week, they drive the energy of the stadium creating incredible home field advantages for their schools and they support their team in victory and defeat no matter what.

Here at, we asked our designer and Pride of West Virginia alumnus, James O'Hara (follow him on twitter @YesJamesIsAsian), to think about how a football team could show their appreciation for their band through their uniform. The designs are nearly direct reflections of the band uniforms.
Throughout the season we will continue to unveil more conferences as they are completed.

The order for this week is as follows:

(click the links to see the previous designs)
Sunday: Big 12 
Monday: Pac 12
Tuesday: B1G
Wednesday: SEC
Thursday: ACC

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Today we are excited to release the SEC edition of our alternate football jersey's inspired by the marching band uniforms. Here they are in the following order: Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi State, LSU, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Auburn, Ole Miss and Kentucky.

** Due to a copyright conflict that we are currently looking into and because we respect intellectual property we have decided to temporarily take down the images of our designs. Check back soon for updates**