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Rutgers to the Rescue

The Ohio State Athletic Band made the long trip to NYC this week to be part of the first ever Ohio State vs Wisconsin hockey game played at Madison Square Garden.

The band arrived a few days ago and was able to take in the sites and sounds of the Big Apple while flashing their signature O-H-I-O around the city.

As it came time for the game the band noticed something was missing. One of their bass drums never arrived to their hotel.

They scrambled and called fellow B1G member Rutgers to ask for a favor. They needed a bass drum.

Without hesitation the Rutgers Band loaded up one of their own and sent it up to the city for the Ohio State Band to use.

While watching the game many fans were very confused by the site of a giant "R" on the bass drum in the middle of the Athletic Band, but as we all know we bands would do almost anything for each other when called upon.