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Penn State Alumna Majorette Bride Surprises Groom

Blue Line Media ImageWhen a college band couple ties the knot there really is only one appropriate way to celebrate the marriage; with fight songs and special performances by the couple's college band friends. Yesterday at Penn State, two alumni band members tied the knot. Kelly and Adam Dennis met in the Penn State Blue Band in 2007. Kelly was a member of the majorette line and Adam was a member of the trumpet section. After a few years of friendship their love flourished.

Watch as Kelly surprises Adam with a special pregame performance with fellow "Touch of Blue" Majorette alumni that marched with them in the band. Share and enjoy!

Great job ladies! It turns out that Kelly and Adam both have siblings that also marched in the Blue Band and Kelly's sister also married a fellow band member. What a perfect family!

College band weddings are the best. Congrats to the newlyweds!