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Penn State & Michigan Combine for HUGE Halftime

Blue Line Media ImageLate last week the Penn State Blue Band hit the road and headed up north to visit the University of Michigan Marching Band and support their team. Little did fans at the Big House know that halftime would be one of the biggest and best of the year.

Both bands had rehearsed separately all week long and finally came together for the first time when the Blue Band got to Ann Arbor. The worked out any final issues with both bands on the field and then prepared for Saturday afternoon.

It is not often that visiting bands combine forces at halftime with the home band. It is even less often that we see the bands actually march drill together. So this was a really special treat not just for the fans at the game, but the bands themselves.

The final product is a massive halftime show celebration of the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. 

Enjoy this wonderful performance by these two great B1G Bands.