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Part III - 2016's Top 10 moments that made us say WOW

Blue Line Media ImageThe 2017 season is quickly approaching and today we're taking a look at a few of our favorite moments from halftime/pregame performances of the 2016 season that wowed us on the field. These moments stood out to us as major highlights from last year and they have us drooling in anticipation for what bands will bring us this season. It's now time to reveal the top three moments from 2016 shows.

3) Kansas State takes us to Chicago. There really aren't enough adjectives to describe just how awesome this halftime show is. Literally from the first note to the last it is just straight face wrecking. POWER, POWER, POWER. The marching feature during the drumline feature is next level stuff. Just watch the full show and you'll understand. Full show HERE

Here's the closing sequence of the show. Listen to the crowd go nuts:

2) The Western Carolina University Pride of the Mountains absolutely went off in their 2016 show with probably the fiercest drumline feature we saw all season. Their show was titled "Whee See You" and honestly it was more like we definitely see and hear WCU! This band can flat out crush you. Watch their full show HERE

Here's their insane drumline feature which put their drumline against a remix of Zedd and on field DJ. The marching by the rest of the band never stops and when everything comes back moment.

1) And our #1 moment from the 2016 season hands down goes to the Jacksonville State University Marching Southerners for their tear jerking performance honoring Pearl Harbor. This clip has gained over 300K views on our page and we bet you can't get through it without choking up. It is an incredibly powerful moment that only a marching band can deliver. Watch the full show HERE

Enjoy this incredible moment from last season:

In case you missed the rest of the top 10 here they are:

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Less than 50 days until the 2017 season kicks off and we can't wait to see what moments will wow us this fall.