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Ohio U and Ohio State Go Virtual

Blue Line Media ImageCollege students across the country are home as courses have gone online due to the Coronavirus. With that came the tough challenge of musicians trying to make music together.

With video cameras on phones and computers now better than ever, the opportunity to make music together wasn't completely lost.

A few schools have used the Acappella app to record a few players playing together which has been fun to see, but the Ohio University Marching 110 and the Ohio State University Marching Band took virtual music making to a whole new level in the marching band ranks.

Check these out!

Here's the Marching 110:


We love seeing projects like this that keep bands connected even now as the members are scattered across the country.

With the college football season quickly approaching and no certainty on whether it will start on time, these opportunities to make music together may be the only ones we get.


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