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Ohio State's Superhero Halftime Show Amazes

Blue Line Media ImageSo you've watched a few Ohio State halftime shows before. You've seen picture formations. You've seen flying people. And you ask yourself, how can Ohio State ever top this show or that show.

Then they do this.

Last night at halftime of their game against Nebraska the Ohio State Marching Band performed their Superheroes halftime show in front of a sold out stadium. It is possibly one of the best picture shows ever marched by a marching band. Their Iron Man and Spider Man sets are unbelievable. Remember this band does these shows in 1 week and they memorize their music. That is some seriously hard work.

This will be one of those halftime shows that is talked about for a long time. WOW! Share so all fans can enjoy this incredible performance.

At the end of the show, in a display of pure class, the band honored Sam Foltz. Sam was the Nebraska punter who passed away tragically this summer. What a special night.

Enjoy this amazing halftime show:

We can't wait to see what you do next Buckeyes!