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Blue Line Media ImageTomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 3) is National Signing Day when thousands of football players across the country fax in their Letters of Intent (LOI) to the school they have chosen for their college career. It's a huge deal and a day parents and fans both celebrate and cry over.

Deciding where you wanted to march in college was just as big of a decision. So we want to celebrate you! We want all high school seniors who plan to march in college to tell us where you plan to march next fall. Send us a picture of you with your parents, or selecting a hat of your school. Make it as fun as possible and as much like the football players do. We'll post your announcement on our social media outlets throughout the day tomorrow.

Last year we had a blast doing it and we'd love to share with the band world where the next generation of great marchers are headed!

Here is what we need:

Home town and high school
Name of High school band
College you plan to attend
Stats about your band career (DCI, big parades you have marched in, years in band, if you play other instruments, college band your parents marched in)
Photo of you either in your band uniform or you signing a piece of paper with your parents, or putting on a hat/clothing for the school you chose. Have fun with it!

Email your info to!