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Meet the pTrumpet

The United Kingdom has given us many great things here in the United States. From fish and chips to James Bond and the Beatles. However, their latest gift is one that we all here in the band world can really appreciate.

Blue Line Media ImageMeet the pTrumpet. It was the world's first 100% plastic trumpet that is no toy. This trumpet is perfect for the family on a budget or first time performer. In fact it weighs half as much as a normal brass trumpet. For 5th graders who struggle to hold their horns this is great news. In fact the pTrumpet won "Best in Show" at NAMM in Anaheim this year and "Best Music Education Product" at the Music Teacher Awards 2016 in London.

It has a full valve system like on a regular trumpet and some new modifications to help hold it.
Did we mention your normal mouthpiece fits and works perfectly in it?

Remember that time you dropped your $3,000 trumpet and smashed the bell? The pTrumpet can easily replace parts and even if whatever you break is just not fixable, you can buy a new one for less than $200!

Here's an exclusive look at the pTrumpet being dropped on it's bell. That's right you are the first to ever see this:

Will we see these and other plastics instruments like the pBone on college marching band fields soon? The answer is yes. In fact these plastic instruments are being considered by many high schools and colleges to have as practice horns for marchers so that they don't have to use their own horns in horrible weather on the fields anymore. I know my trumpet would have enjoyed a few less dust and rain storms during my marching career.

Watch as British trumpet star, Alison Balsom, takes the pTrumpet for a spin and is absolutely blown away. So cool.

Check out the pTrumpet online

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