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Marching Around the Web

We here at College Marching believe the month of March is misnamed. March is definitely a slow month for marching bands. Band directors are hibernating away, secretly planning their halftime glory for the fall. However, do not fear, we are right in the middle of peak pep band season so we still have lots to cover.

TV exposure is always fun. VCU's pep band was on the Today Show.

Pep Bands are gearing up for the NCAA Tournament. released their list of the top five pep bands in the country. Austin Peay's basketball players and pep band members are both excited to participate in their first ever NCAA Tournament game.

Band members have lots of free time to march in parades.
Virginia schools are marching in Ireland. Also, The SUNY Maritime College Band will be performing in the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade along with 60 local High School Bands.

The State of Iowa is still really mad at Standford's band. Back in January, The Stanford Band performed a very controversial halftime show of the Rose Bowl vs The University of Iowa. So controversial in fact, that the Rose Bowl released a statement saying that moving forward they would reconsider their halftime show policies. Fast forward one month to early February and the Senate from their opponent's home state of Iowa, is considering a bill that would prohibit any of the state affiliated universities from associating with Stanford University until the school publicly apologizes.