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Kentucky Women's Basketball Team Training With Band

Blue Line Media ImageThe Kentucky Wildcat band is enjoying a bit of a resurgence from their football team this year as they are more competitive than they have been in a long time. Luckily their basketball programs are always competitive.

Many people ask how both the men's and women's teams are so good every year. Luckily they are not part of the recent FBI investigation which is rocking their rival Louisville, which means they must have some kind of special x factor for success.

Well, the secret is out.

Each year the band comes out to the women's practices and plays fight songs for them to help build camaraderie with the band members. This year the players decided they wanted to learn how to march and so they were lined up in a block and taught the fundamentals.

Watch as the team grabs instruments and goes through a short drill on their court.

Remember this moment so that is they win it all this year you can tell everyone that you know what truly was the x factor for their success   ;)

Love to see bands and athletic teams share in these moments together and appreciate one another. We always use the #OneTeam to describe these moments on twitter because truly we are one team. When all the pieces are working together magical things happen.

We appreciate our women's athletic programs so much as they are some of the most supportive athletes of the band on college campuses. 

Good luck Wildcats!