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JMU Marching Royal Dukes Suprise Cafeteria Supervisor

Blue Line Media ImageAcross college campuses there are unsung heroes that make college marching bands successful. Many times we forget how many people from hundreds of different backgrounds it takes for us to even get to our first game.

At James Madison University the Marching Royal Dukes are BELOVED. There actually may not be anything on that campus that is loved more than the band.

How could you not love them? They are one of the best band programs in the country, but more importantly it is filled with incredible staff and students.

The Marching Royal Dukes return the love to their fans each week during the football season, but just a few days ago one of those unsung heroes and big fans got a very special surprise. Kathy Landis is the JMU Dining Services Supervisor and she bleeds purple and gold. Known as Miss Kathy, Landis is a huge fixture on campus and lives her life everyday with the goal of creating the greatest experience possible for JMU students.
When the JMU drum majors heard about how big of a fan she was of the Marching Royal Dukes, they decided they wanted to give her a thank you message she would never forget.

Is it really dusty in here? What a special moment.

Way to go Marching Royal Dukes!