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Jacksonville State WOWs at BOA Finals

Blue Line Media Image"And now the moment you've all been waiting for..."

Why yes it was. All season we've been waiting for this performance knowing that it would be the biggest and best performance for the Jacksonville State Marching Southerners this year. 

The Marching Southerners were invited to the Bands of America Grand National Championship in Indianapolis to perform in front of the huge crowd. This is the perfect event for the Marching Southerners as their corps style is the featured style of all the competing high school bands. With many college bands still adopting corps style for their halftime shows, the Marching Southerners do more than just march it, they own it. 

With over 500 members their sound is only matched by one other band, the Pride of the Mountains at Western Carolina University. The fans in Indianapolis were truly in for something special.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the moment you've been waiting for all year long. 

Here's the 2019 full halftime show of the Jacksonville State Marching Southerners.

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