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Is this the best America show from 2015?

Blue Line Media ImageWe're still coming off of our high from another amazing July 4th weekend here at There is no better way to celebrate America than with a marching band and we think we may have found the best America themed halftime show from this past season.

Auburn is known to pull out all the stops at the Iron Bowl each year when they take on their biggest rival, Alabama. The Auburn Band took things to a whole new level with their America themed halftime show featuring musical pieces like Sing Sing Sing and an unbelievable hoedown featuring a violin and drum line performance that was truly unique.

They cap off the show by marching to 1812 Overture which included a special surprise for the fans.

So we ask you, is this the best America show from 2015? Take a watch and let us know. If you think there was a better America show in 2015 send it in!

Well done Tigers!