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Human Jukebox Rocks Sister Act II

Blue Line Media ImageThe Southern University is back with a little love to the popular Joyful, Joyful arrangement made famous by the Whoopi Goldberg hit Sister Act II. You know, the one that Lauryn Hill slays and then rocks the choir competition leading the underdog St. Francis Academy Choir to a huge upset in the 1993 Arch Diocese Music Competition. Yeah, that one.

We know it was one of your favorite movies as it was one of ours and we can't believe it's taken this long for a band to play the music! By the way can someone send us an invite Crankfest next year? Cool, thanks.

Fill us with the light of day SU Human Jukebox!

In case you've never seen the movie, here is the finale that the song is from. Do yourself a favor and go rent the movie right now because it's awesome. You'll thank us later.