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Houston vs UTSA Game Postponed

Blue Line Media ImageThe University of Texas San Antonio has agreed to postpone their game this Saturday with the University of Houston until a later date. The Spirit of Houston was set to travel to UTSA for the game making it a monster band matchup for the state of Texas.

The College Marching Game Day team was also set to attend this game and feature both bands on's platforms.

Hurricane Harvey has left an unimaginable amount of destruction on the city of Houston and the Texas coast and both universities felt it appropriate to suspend this game.

"The UTSA Spirit of San Antonio wishes nothing but the good health, safety and an efficient and quick recovery," for the city of Houston said Director of SOSA, Ron Ellis in a statement to the band.

"It will take time and, energy, commitment and all of our help."

"Our hearts and minds are with all of those affected by this storm."

We hope that this game will be played later this season and that both bands will be able to attend, until then our hearts continue to be with the people of the great state of Texas.