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Girl Power

Blue Line Media ImageThe Pride of the Mountains Marching Band at Western Carolina University is one the top bands in the country that you may or may not know much about. Luckily if you've followed us for a few years you know that we love them because, well, they are just downright phenomenal. Need proof? Watch this!

Western Carolina University is also very proud of this corps style band and decided that they wanted to tell a unique story about a member. The process to pick the story was short and sweet because one story stood out above, or well, maybe we should say stood at chest height of everyone else.

Meet Amanda Muse. Amanda is the only female member of the WCU snare line and she is AWESOME! Most drum lines are dominated by male members due to the physical endurance needed to march while carrying a snare, tenor or bass. Amanda was not going to let that stop her.

"I feel like sometimes it's twice as hard for me to play faster or move quicker, just because my physique," said Muse.
"I'm only 5'1", my hands are a lot smaller, but I really try hard to not let that be an excuse."

Watch this amazing marcher do what she loves and see how her friends on the line support her every step of the way in this great feature produced by the university.

Remember ladies, there are no limitations in marching band. You can do anything right along with the male marchers in your band!

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