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Flood Victims in Louisiana Get HUGE Surprise

Blue Line Media ImageThe Southern University Human Jukebox is hands down one of the best bands in the country. Not only do they perform at a high level on the field, they conduct themselves even higher off the field. The Human Jukebox has been known to volunteer in their local communities, give blood as needed and mentor young musicians who need a big brother or sister.

The major storm system that left Louisiana under water destroying over 40,000 homes and killing many people has caused thousands of residents to take shelter in temporary housing and in some cases sleep on cots in gymnasiums and stadiums.

In many cases these families have lost everything and their spirit has been crushed.

Enter the Human Jukebox.

With their own families struggling to pick up the pieces from the floods and multiple band directors of the band having had damage to their own houses, they found the time to take a break from picking up their own lives and band camp to head over to a local shelter and help pick the victim's spirits back up.

This is the power of band...

Well done, SU Human Jukebox. These acts of kindness will be remembered forever by these victims and you have once again showed the world just how outstanding your organization is.