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ESPN Megacast to Feature Halftime Shows

Blue Line Media ImageThe FBS National Championship featuring the Alabama Million Dollar Band and the Clemson Tiger Band is tonight starting at 7:30pm EST. As has become custom, ESPN will roll out it's megacast for the game which will feature a ton of different ways to watch the game. For those big band fans that are interested in hearing the bands and watching their performances you're once again in luck!

ESPN Classic will broadcast the "Sounds of the Game" feed which will feature no commentary. You will hear the bands and the fans. This channel will feature both pregame shows and both halftime shows by both bands. Last year they were shown in their entirety. Hopefully that stays the same this year. ESPN Classic is channel 614 on DirecTV. Check your local listings and cable provider to see what channel it is for you in your area or if you even get it.

If you don't have ESPN Classic, your next best option would be to watch the game online on your computer or tablet.
By using the WatchESPN app or ESPN3 (this link should get you there on your home computer) you should be able to watch everything through the "Sky-Cam Feed". This has worked in the past and it gives you a unique overhead view of the bands. Hopefully nothing but straight lines! Once again we stress that this should work if it stays true to last year's feed, although we are talking about ESPN and they could cut it off at halftime. We will just have to wait and see. You also need to know your login information for your cable account. Have that handy!

The game will be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews, SEC Network, ESPN Goal Line, & ESPN Classic with all sorts of different broadcasts on each channel. 

ONLY ESPN CLASSIC IS SLATED TO SHOW HALFTIME! If you are watching one of the other channels there is A VERY HIGH LIKELIHOOD that they will not show the halftime shows. You must be on ESPN Classic to watch. 

Last year some band fans complained that it wasn't on the ESPN main feed even thought we told you it wouldn't be on there. So make sure you have the right channel on or you are watching online.

We hope everyone enjoys the game and these two great college marching bands. Please share this and spread the word. In order to have this continue we must show ESPN that there are tons of band fans interested in the halftime shows. So please tune in and watch at least halftime!