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Drumlines face off and brawl ensues

Blue Line Media ImageHere's something you don't see everyday!

The bands from Virginia State and Norfolk State met in a regional band battle ahead of the schools facing off in their Labor Day weekend football game.

During the battle the drumlines as usual were featured. While breaking it down a member of the Virginia State line got a little too close to the woodwinds and was pushed back by members of the Norfolk guard. 

Things really started to escalate after that.

Take a look at this crazy band moment...

There have only been a few documented fights involving bands that we can remember. For example in 1992 at halftime of the Miami of Ohio vs Ohio U game. Miami kicked a ball into the middle of the band's performance. The alumni band was on the sideline and rushed int to get the players off the field and out fo the band's way. The Miami team jumped in and chaos ensued (fast forward to the 1:20 mark):

And then there's the biggest band brawl of them all. Southern University vs Prairie View A&M. Still the most talked about band fight ever, the brawl ensued after Southern finished their halftime show and was leaving the field. Take a watch (fast forward to the 9 minute mark)

Hopefully these types of events are never repeated again in the band world as it is just not part of our DNA. Competition is fine, but once you cross that line and try to turn things violent you have completely lost the support of the band community. This is not how we act. 

Hopefully Virginia State and Norfolk State will take the proper disciplinary actions.