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Drew's Top 5 Favorite DCI Moments from 2017

Drew Bonner is back with another look inside the DCI season as we head into finals weekend. Make sure you catch all the corps this Thursday performing on Big, Loud, Live at a theater near you!
Blue Line Media ImageHey @CollegeMarching fans! Drew here again and today I want to talk about five of my favorite moments from 2017 that you need to keep an eye on as you watch the finals. These are the moments that really help to separate the top corps from each other and create memorable moments that will be talked about for years. I'm not going to share any video because I want you to go and watch these corps this weekend!

Blue Knight’s snare drum solo

The snare drum soloist is mic’d and whenever he plays, there is a synth sound that plays through the speakers. I literally don’t know how else to explain it.
But it’s cool and I love it. Check it out for yourself when you watch them perform.

Vanguard’s anti-gravity prop

I really like SCV’s props this year. They fit the show perfectly. The best moment is at the beginning of their ballad. They roll the prop across the field with a person in the middle, and it looks like they’re floating!

Cavalier’s spinning tenor feature

Cavies are having fun with this show. They have some tenors set up on drum stands and they them around while playing. Throwback to 2011 when the bass line had a flashy feature. Now it’s the tenors turn.

Blue Devil’s Trumpet Soloists

BD has some TASTY trumpet playing in their ballad. This tune is incredible. The best part is the end, but honestly take in the whole experience because you need it in your life.

Boston Crusader’s ending

I’m gonna say it. This is the best ending since Phantom 08. The rest of the show is great too! The voice-overs really add to the story and the climactic ending of “She Must Burn” is epic. Also that fire prop is awesome. 

Agree? Disagree? Tell me your favorite moments from this season.

Enjoy the performances!