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Dear Arby's - We Love You

Dear Arby's,

Blue Line Media ImageWe just wanted to say that we love you. Your roast beef and curly fries along with those hot mozzarella sticks and an ice cold pepsi are tasting even better today after seeing your subtle nod to marching bands and drum corps yesterday.

You stole our hearts and today we're literally paying you back by taking our entire team to lunch at our local Arby's restaurant.

Whomever says that this type of advertising doesn't work is an idiot because by golly any brand that can show love like you did for our art is going to get a lot of love in return. We'd officially like to recommend that next year we team up to make a "crumb corps" series. Cool by you?

So on behalf of the band world, thank you. We love you. #noms #themeats

The @CollegeMarching Team