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College Marching Pumpkin Contest is LIVE!

Blue Line Media ImageThe 2016 College Marching Pumpkin Competition is here!

We asked our followers to send in pictures of carved or painted pumpkins inspired by their favorite marching bands. We have college bands, high school and drum corps represented in this year's competition and want to thank everyone for sending in these great designs.

Now you and everyone you know has the chance to pick your top 3 favorite designs. The top 3 will each win free swag from our online store! All you have to do is click the 3 that you like and then push VOTE! Then share this page with everyone you know and encourage them to join in on today's voting.

The poll will be open all night for you to vote and we will announce the final 3 tomorrow!

Here are this year's designs: (If you click each image you can see a larger version of that image)

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Thanks for voting and come back tomorrow to see the winners!