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Carolina Band Salutes First Responders at Halftime after Historic Floods

By now you have heard about how the LSU vs South Carolina game 2 weeks ago was moved from Columbia, SC to Baton Rouge, LA after historic flooding in the state of South Carolina. Due to the change of venue the Carolina Band was unable to travel to the game. The LSU band helped them out by playing the Alma Mater and Fight song of USC before, during and after the game. This was a wonderful showing of sportsmanship and USC greatly appreciated it.

Blue Line Media ImageThis week USC was back playing in Columbia, SC and the Carolina Band dedicated their halftime show to the heroes across the state who helped save so many residents from the rushing waters. The band is known for making the shape of South Carolina. This week they added something a little special, a heart. The heart was a symbol of love and thanks to all those affected by the storm and to those who helped save so many lives.

USC also honored Vanderbilt for sending over 2 truckloads of bottled water to the university during the floods. Vanderbilt was their opponent this past weekend which made their thank you even more powerful.
While the cleanup continues across the state of South Carolina, we were glad to see the Carolina Band back in action!
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(Photos Courtesy of Emma Miller and Scott Coughran)