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Cal Punter Joins Band at Halftime

Blue Line Media ImageIf there is anything in this world that bands have battled over more than anything else it is their time at halftime. 

The biggest time thieves that we have had to battle against are punters and place kickers. Every year we see stories about kickers who decide that the eight FG attempts that they need to take before the second half are more important than letting the band finish their show. They line up in the middle of formations and interfere with drill and sometimes even get dangerously close to kicking band members.

Well at the Cal game this past weekend, the kickers were out in full force. They lined up in front of the band, around the band and even in the band's formations.

Punter Dylan Kumph, may have gotten a bit too close and while he was going through his routine he realized that he was in fact trapped by the band. 

Instead of kicking the ball and disrupting the band he decided to make the most of this unexpected situation he found himself in. He picked up his football, stood at attention and pretended to play the ball like a trumpet.
Then he marched the rest of the drill with the band.

Watch this hilarious moment:

As you can hear the crowd absolutely lost their mind.

While we wish bands didn't have to deal with kickers interfering with halftime, we are glad that Dylan decided to have some fun and create a special moment for both the band and the fans.

We salute you Dylan. Maybe one game we can actually get you an instrument and make you an official member of the band!

Watch the Cal Band's full halftime show here. Featuring music by Adele, Maroon 5 and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Great job Cal Band!