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Boston Crusaders "Possessed Keyboard Player" Goes Viral

Blue Line Media ImageThis Boston Crusaders pit member is going viral after a video of her playing keyboards during a recent DCI show exploded in popularity due to her facial expressions and commitment to her role in selling the intensity of the corps 2016 show "Quixotic" to fans.

The video has been seen now by over 2.7M people and those in the non-band world are really confused as to why she is making these facial expressions like she is. Many commenting have no clue of what DCI is or why a keyboardist would be in a marching band, which has made this viral video even funnier. Here are a few examples:

The keyboardist is Anna Eberhart. Anna is a student at John H. Guyer High School in Denton, TX and is their band's Drum Major. She now can add viral sensation to her college band application and she has also gained a few fans including Grammy winning composer Eric Whitacre.

Here's her performance. Share and enjoy!