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Bama Color Guard Member Battling Brain Tumor

Blue Line Media ImageOne of our own needs your love and support as she battles a brain tumor that has completely turned her life upside down.

Stephanie Cartagena is a sophomore member of the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band Color Guard. After a week of suffering from migraines and vomiting, she was transported from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, AL in an ambulance where doctors confirmed the findings of a tumor. She underwent surgery Tuesday morning with the surgery lasting approximately 10 hours. She had to go through a second surgery this week as well.

We spoke to her family and have confirmed that she is still in ICU, but should be moving to a normal room soon. She is expected to make a full recovery and has been doing well so far. The family has appreciated all of the love and support from the band world that they have gotten already, but they have a big hole to climb out of and need some help.

They have set up a gofundme page to allow for donations to support the medical expenses that they have accrued this week.
If you find the desire in your heart to support this family please make your donation HERE!

We're all rooting for you Stephanie and hope that you'll be back on your feet in time for the Peach Bowl!!