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Awesome Halftime Show at a Spring Game? Why not!?!

Blue Line Media ImageAt spring football games it is not common to see a full college band in the stands let alone on the field. For most schools the spring game is a chance for the band to come together again with alumni and play some fun stands tunes while the football team puts on a scrimmage. That's really it.

Well that's it if you don't go to Ohio State. During the spring semester the Ohio State Athletic Band trains to perform halftime at their scrimmage game in front of 100,000 fans. Now remember the Athletic Band is not the same as the Ohio State Marching Band that marches at games in the fall, but it is great to see a band program able to put a band on the field at the spring game.

This year the band performed a 90's Cartoon themed show.. Share and enjoy!

Well done Athletic Band!