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A Marching Southerners Wedding

Blue Line Media ImageWe've always said that nothing beats a wedding between two members of a college band. The friends, the performances, the dancing, and of course the shenanigans are hard to top.

Well, a Jacksonville State Marching Southerners alumni couple wanted to have the ultimate JSU wedding so they literally did just that.

Greg and Denise LaFollette booked the JSU football stadium as their wedding venue, booked the JSU head football coach as their officiant, the mascot was the ring bearer and the music?

Well, the Marching Southerners of course!

Here's a local news story about their wedding: (LINK)

The Southerners are no strangers to epic events related to weddings. They were part of this insanely good marriage proposal between band members:

After writing this I immediately texted my wife and told her we are renewing our vows next year and we will be hiring the Marching Southerners!!

...she hasn't texted me back.