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2016 Twirler Tuesday Series Wrap-up

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For the last Tuesday of 2016, we wanted to shout out all of the feature twirlers and teams who were a part of our #TwirlerTuesday series. They inspired us, made us laugh and continuously wow crowds around the country with their hard work and dedication to each and every performance.
Check out all of the feature twirlers and teams we met this year and stay tuned for an awesome 2017!

Jameson Kenerly - University of Georgia

Danielle Cormier - Oregon State University

Kaitlyn Boyer - Virginia Tech University

Shaylie Fawcett - Bringham Young University

Wolfpack Majorettes - North Carolina State University

Sydney Webster - Texas Tech University

Golden Girls - University of Pittsburgh

Juliette Makara - Southern Illinois University

Amelia Mugavero - University of Illinois

Ashley Burkin and Nicole Harris - Michigan State University

Florida State University Majorettes & Feature Twirlers

Emily Cahill - University of Minnesota, Duluth

Bailee Russell - Temple University

Cal U Feature Twirlers

Nicole Nelson - Minnesota State University, Mankato

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